Thursday, February 26, 2015

With Nothing Left to do....

     The Little Skeleton began as an homage to Frida Kahlo, and Dia de Los Muertos. As a woman familiar with, and brilliant at expressing loneliness and pain,  Kahlo's life and work opened my eyes to an aspect of our culture that is hugely amiss. We are uncomfortable people who don't want to talk about bad things. I envy older cultures, more mature and brave in tradition.
     I created the Little Skeleton's image and a one line explanation, hoping to evoke discomfort, but also a fondness for the character that would conquer the discomfort.
     People began to inquire about him, and that encouraged me to tell his story...
     The Little Skeleton is abandoned by life, too quickly, and left in the wrong season at a theme park. Going through the motions, without an animate friend or guardian, he is not so much trumped by rides and games without operators, as forlornly playing until he just moves on. He plays every game and rides every ride, but it's not what it's supposed to be. Then he departs.  It's not meant to depict suicide, as the little skeleton is already dead, but I guess the imagery is a bit macabre. It seems to me he was just born that way, more a sad symbol of the loneliest thing: being a child with no play mates, in a space that's usually filled with color sound and company; everything with him is just a bit off.

      The story book is hand dyed, embellished, and screen printed with my original drawings. I made eight copies and have two left, available at   The Little Skeleton

Thursday, January 8, 2015


"we live in an era of terrible preoccupation with presentation and interpretation. Sometimes people strive to abide by the strictest etiquette, but in the process behave inappropriately." -a dictionary of modern American usage

I made a couple reference books from, yeah, altered books.
Both bindings are similar, coptic, with the biggest paper and
folders I already had for the book block.
About Animals has my collection of animals from land sea
and air. They're arranged not exactly according to the Carl
Linnaeus' binomial nomenclature. Mine is a little more esthetic. 

Dried Plant Material and Other Lifeless Forms contains
plants, rocks, and flower arrangements. Both books are meant
to be references for my bouquets, and stitchings. TBP soon...

Saturday, December 20, 2014

Grandma Party: Orlando FL

This year, using cut paper and stitches, I created the poster for the annual event called Grandma Party. It's held in Orlando FL at Stardust Video and Coffee (1842 Winter Park Rd.), and many craft makers, artists, and artisans have booths and sell wares. (Generally December, the week before Christmas, each year).

Thursday, December 11, 2014

she smelled like a Four Roses factory

This a cursory example of a coptic bound, pretty raw book. I made two for friends who tend bar, and needed a place to keep their recipes. The cover is a repurposed book, and the insides are graph paper, lined on back. They each have a moniker placard, some tabbed cards to use at will, and elastic to close, with an envelope for recipes written, on the fly. 

an excerpt from Music for Chameleons by: Truman Capote

Thursday, November 6, 2014

Dear, please deal with the negative space I left

     I started with a ledger I found, 
preserved in its original plastic, to 
start a home planner/vision for a 
     Using text books and other cut 
outs, I provided things native to his 
land, leaving space for adding and 
    The subtracting part is important,
so rather than glue, I sliced the pages
with a utility knife (trying not to cut 
the next page), and placed the cutouts' 
corners in the slots (remove at will).
     My favorite feature uses three 
similar layouts to the house, implying 
a garden using velcro on certain 
spaces on the plots, and providing a 
library of plants of varying sizes and 
colors, with velcro on their backs,
 in the envelope. 

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Practice Makes Perpetual Motion


     I made this journal for one of a very few people I know who keep track. Memory is difficult... 
    I began keeping a daily log of one liners, but it's only a slight hint.
    Anyway, this is a repurposed elementary school "practice book". The book block (above) is coptic bound, and glued to the covers by the end pages at the beginning and end of the block. The covers are joined by more of the repurposed purse leather. The leather is concealed between the back of the front cover and first end page, and comes around the back cover. The spine has a spot to index the book. 

"The instant of petrified violence that sometimes foreruns a summer storm saturated the hushed yard." -T. Capote
for a friend who understands the petrified violences in the yard before the storm, and the other kinds.

Thursday, September 4, 2014

The Analog Nature of Planes

A repurposed book, originally from 1929,  I gutted this copy of Thirty Seconds Over Tokyo. Using leather from an old purse I connect the covers by using a Japanese Stab Binding design and waxed thread. The inside pages are blank and are made from old white paper bags, cut to make pages, while maintaining their creases. There are no end pages because the beauty of the original book deserves display, and the Japanese Stab binding is exposed with the wear of the purse leather.  

You look so strange as a continuous wave
Reaching and sweeping
The valleys were our all night diner and you were always up in the air
Have you heard of wait and see? These things take time
and all the other cliches
I was going to show you life as a full object, not the dispensation of memory
I wanted the momentary beauties to approach infinity
Don't medicate me; it can't be that bad
and all the other cliches
Let me be specific
I am in literal hell while you run a marathon through the pathos of your past
I spoke with the devil, (his proximity not at all coincidence), and he let me in on it
Regret is his irony, and distraction his imitation of beauty.