Sunday, January 20, 2008

The evolution of the artichoke flower

This motif came from cutting an artichoke, and stamping with it, using black acrylic paint. The motif was developed through drawing.

I then used the motif as an element in the above patterns and colorways. These repeat patterns were designed using CAD for textile design (Texcelle). They are a mild southern gothic tale for cloth, and I had the opportunity to tell the story in its proper medium (as seen below).

The shirt is a readymade. I distressed the fabric with bleach, and mixed the pigment of the print to match the lighter parts of the shirt, while reverse appliqueing a crochet rose window on the front, and secure holes on the back. I wanted to bring to life the concept in the CAD designs, and give this shirt the used and ethereal appeal that can be seen in the south's familiarity with, but often blind eye towards religion: a fable beautiful in tradition and intention.

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