Sunday, January 13, 2008

Plan and Execution

One of the first artist statements I took the time to write, took place over the top of someone else's writing. it was this altered book (to the left). That's how it always is, anyway. Whether you read your writing, and see books you've read in it, or maybe it's conversations you had, or lyrics you hear all the time, the sentiments are preserved in the memory of what's important to the individual. My personal goal is to refine it until it seems, or actually becomes, original.

Perhaps as result of culture or time, I feel at a loss for an effective means of communicating... my age, my place, or just the fact that history repeats itself as long as no one is paying close enough attention to notice. Let's get caught up in the awkward interactions, and the inability to follow the unspoken rules of social grace; forget the rest. I am communicating in this age of digital communication where I feel caught off guard more often than not. I want to take my time. I want you to be comfortable until I'm bored. I want closeness; I want you to dictate my influence on you, in your own time and space. You are not part of my world, but you are an influence on it. This truth is open to the interpretation of your personal reality.

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