Monday, February 11, 2008

Analogies: Rules for Behavior

Analogies is a book I made while studying in France. The majority of the materials used to make this book came from Spain. I composited the images inside using Photoshop from an old elementary Spanish school book. Perhaps inspired by the Dalhi museum, it was an attempt to lead one through my process. I started with the images, and put them together as random associations, that complemented each other with little effort . Then came the writing. It's all random, until you realize that it's not and never will be again. The interpretation from different perspectives is all that matters after the process is once completed.

Technically, this book is button-hole stitched, and the inside is black and white printed on newsprint. I always want to do it myself, and my resources were considerably limited while in France. I did the printing on an inkjet printer, printing four pages to a sheet, and gluing the blank pages to make it a traditionally printed book. Hence, some distortion. The cover is probably some of my best craftsmanship, missing most of my shabby aesthetic. I like the preciousness of the size and structure, but I wish it was more meticulously, and seamlessly made.

A couple of pages from Analogies:

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hayliebird said...

this is one of my favorites. i miss france.