Monday, February 4, 2008

Beliefs: Rules for Behavior

The beliefs book is a coptic bound book, inside an old, leather, German religious book. The writing inside is hand-written, Gothic font. The pages are bound to the outside edge of the book, so it almost seems like it can't be opened when the covers are closed. You have a choice
To believe or not to
In either case:
The necessity for a willful suspension of disbelief
may be rationed by the individual, but not ignored
Intimacy is an illusion perpetuated by the strangeness of infallibility
Sentimentality is the past tense of this

Honesty is the most tangible medium in regards to belief
Although the devil may not exist, he will do anything to get you to be dishonest with yourself
Do not be fooled
Some things to consider in regards to belief:
Conviction, History, Logic, Discretion, Documentation, Bravery, Love, Duality,

Some things to consider while not in regards to belief:
Vanity, Necessity, Fear, Conflict, Dogma, Heroism, Others' beliefs, Tradition, War, Credibility, Hope, Location, Politics, Semantics, Superstition, Death, Life, Karma, Five Senses, Parents, Science, Sex, Time, Words
Your beliefs are closely related to your self. You can't change that by changing your mind.

-it is not disbelief to change your mind
-Your altruism should not be an imposition on the beliefs of others
You do not have to be sure or right.
Your ethics don't either.
Cite your sources.

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