Sunday, March 2, 2008

Errol: Custom Made

My nephew, Errol was born a little over a year ago now. My mom asked me to make her a book, so that she could record her version of his history for him. Right before she asked me to do it, I found a book at Goodwill. It had a cover which reminded me of Jay, Errol's father, who is tech and design savvy. The cover is a masculinely depicted machine, intricate, and strange. It seemed appropriate for a new boy. The book was titled, Lead, Kindly Light, and contained passages on Setting Forth, What is the Blessing?, The way of Action, The Appeal to Spirit, and so on.
I filled it with elementary school handwriting paper. The bind is a buttonhole stitch, and the recess was created with a utility knife. I used letter stamps to stamp Errol's name on the paper in the recess.

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