Thursday, March 20, 2008

Happy Birthday To: Me

I have just added my first items for sale to my etsy account. Please visit and type in my username: shortstories. Today is my birthday, but not the only day these things will be available. So, please visit often, as I will be adding more items that I have blogged about, or that I am currently working on. I am also open to suggestions, and custom orders: Thank you, and have a nice day.

My birthday playlist: me at 23 (no flash)
Ice Cube: Today was a good day
The Unicorns: 52 favorite things
Willie Nelson: Red-headed stranger
Sunset Rubdown: Are you Swimming in Her Pools?
Coquette: Should I Do It? (Don't)
The Mountain Goats: Cold Vodka
Jenny Lewis: Roll On
Jason Molina: Just Be Simple
Peggy Honeywell: Birthday Boy
Casiotone For the Painfully Alone: Scattered Pearls

Favorite Birthday Activities:
I woke up to the sweetest gift, in a cupcake shaped bag, at my door. It was from my mom and dad.
I decided to wear my birthday pearls
I had a croissant with cream cheese and black iced tea with cream only, and read Dave Eggers How We are Hungry. I also finished it, which was a real relief...
When I got home, James the cat head butted me, affectionately
My dad and I had lunch at Dandelion Cafe in Orlando (A Vegetarian establishment). It was nice, especially of Kimo to take a day in such a season as tax
My mom stopped by a gas station just to buy me milk, even though she just left the grocery store. Then, we each ate a vegan peanut butter cup, (from Dandelion), with milk.
I took a bath, then looked at the house which Birdie, Steph, and I will almost certainly move into, and it is so cute.
I took a nap, after starting, or in the midst of reading Crime and Punishment
There is a cherry cheesecake with my name on it- literally- and it's from Charlie's Bakery (one of the best Orlando has to offer)

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