Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Our Journey Through Florida: Making a Photo Album

Two old books, The pages from one old book, Archival Glue (Yasutomo Nori book binding glue), Every picture from my life, Cotton 5/2 thread for binding, plus bees wax, two strips of fabric, a zipper, PVA glue

Using archival glue, lay out personal pictures in the pages of an old book
dissect the books you intend to use

Rebind the Pages
Before, then After

Resolving the Cover, and using every last drop

The Album, the closing, and the closure

I think these photos explain as much as I could, here now, but I did feel compelled to write something more on it. This took a lot of time, and I enjoyed the entire process. When I stopped enjoying it, I stopped working on it, until I wanted to work on it again. The accoutrements of the cover were an insight nurtured by patience, and stem from an appreciation for deliberation's place in the creative process.

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hayliebird said...

So many posts that i have been missing!! I love this Florida album. Everything you do, especially my very own made in Lacoste. I am linking you to my blog, finally so that I don't forget to check in. missing you with this warm weather coming my way! what will summer be without running around in short shorts & tank tops without you?