Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Nomad 2029

Felted 3-dimensional robot. Made from 100% natural wool roving, hand carded for a mottled, green metal/marble effect. This robot was meant not to stay in one place, so he is generally accompanied by instructions on how to go about giving him away, and how to make another to also give away.
Nomad 2029

How To:
Begin with the instructions as a loose guideline. Make your own robot or revamp the one you have now. Rewrite these instructions clearly enough to get the point across. Give the robot and the instructions away.

Materials:One set of felting needles
6 oz wool roving
A soft form to felt around: Styrofoam for flower arranging, panty hose stuffed with batting, anything soft enough to poke your needle in without breaking it and that you wont mind covering (size 10x7x4)

Make forms into the shapes you want
Felt the pieces individually. Do this by taking wool roving and holding it against the form. Tangle the hairs of the roving by pushing them into the foam with the felting needle. Be careful, the needles are sharp. Cover the form completely. Felt around all the pieces
Connect the pieces in your desired final form by using extra roving to felt them together.
Once you have the completed form put together, you may decorate it by using wool and your needle around or through the objects you wish to add.
Once you are satisfied with the form you’ve created it, give it to anyone OR sell it to a charitable individual with deep pockets, and give the money away.

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