Tuesday, April 29, 2008

DIY: Delegate it Yourself

Whether you know how to do something, or just know someone who knows how, the most important thing to remember is to never stop creating. I am afraid of losing momentum; I am afraid that if I'm not in motion, then nothing is happening. Something isn't happening.

Here is the most recent project I worked on. I screen-printed 30 shirts for Surfin Serf's 2006 kia spectra tour http://www.myspace.com/surfinserf. I hope to do more of this kind of thing. I hope other people are doing more of this kind of thing. Commerce of skill. A changing of hands so local that it's a handshake. Kindly leave your talent where others can see it, and at least perspective will come to light, and at most something huge will eventually happen.

Surin Serf is a band local to Orlando. They're touring a bit, and doing a couple shows in Florida and Maryland. I know they want to play more, so if you'd like to have them, invite them. They will come.

A bath tub/shower/water screen
screen filler
drawing fluid
a steady hand
a kitchen table
30 shirts
Cost: approximately $170

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hayliebird said...

decent work there ms. hyatt! i wish this was the sort of thing happening inmy life right about now. soon, it will be. thanks for the post the other day- i'm so excited for the space & indeed i will keep you posted on the work that flies outta there!! hope you are well. call soon, we never finished talking about you, cause i talk to omuch about myself.-