Sunday, May 18, 2008

Chase Several Hares and You Won't Catch One

Darren Ohl is moving to Eugene, Oregon. I am going to miss him. I hope he keeps being really funny, and a little bit twisted, and somewhat sentimental in a really even, and natural way. I hope he documents some of it in the book I made for him. To Eugene:
This is an old book I found in a vintage store in Orlando called DejaVu.It's a coptic bound book, bound inside out from the cover. The spine is cut as a buttonhole stitch, acting as a window, to a very limited amount of the book's secrets.
There's a ribbon to seal it closed, hopefully just masculine enough. The top of the saddle has leather above it, hopefully just western enough. I hope the composition is balanced. I hope the concept doesn't get stuck in the execution. I hope the execution doesn't end everything in a bloody mess, with too many onlookers. It wouldn't make sense. Not in this day and age.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

A Drawing A Day

I hoped to create a good habit, starting
with this book. It's made from an old
book, and uses the buttonhole stitch,
linen thread, and recycled papers, left
over from past books, projects, mail, etc.

Monday, May 5, 2008

1404 Clay St.

I didn't blog much in the month of April. I was moving. I've also been interviewing for anything I can. I hate the service industry, and people on their cell phones. The local library has a bulletin about being cell-mannered. Then, two of it's employees come in and order while on the phone. It's a frustrating process: to be accomodating (in general), but it's nice to come home to this place.