Friday, September 5, 2008

moving on

Art is a progressive preservation of culture, through craft. Art is action, an exchange. American art is a reaction to capitalism. Commerce is a network where trade is skill exchanged for craft, or company, or companionship. Collaboration is a journey that ends in wandering, and I couldn’t mean anything without empathy. If reflection is our movement, then this recession has gone too far. We are incestuous with our past, and we’re dying out like the Tudors, or the Romanovs. We’re gone. How am I supposed to know where we are? I’m just telling stories like mirrors, to see myself in them. Reflection is our movement. Look at the wordless stories I tell. Fiction is not honest. The ambiguity of the relics I create end with a willful suspension of disbelief in people. Trends move quickly, and my process is a furious catfish…someone placed glass underneath it, and it doesn’t know why but it can’t get to the bottom (of anything). Materials are easy to come by, because being resourceful has become about making connections. I use stitches, and hand shakes. I’m lucky that everything’s related. The places at which we draw personal lines are tangential to the circles in which we walk. We walk in circles. We talk the same way we walk. And I would like to make a point, the only one: Appropriation is a faculty of sustainability.