Monday, November 17, 2008

a proposal

The Women's Studio Workshop in Rosendale, New York, has a grant for book artists. The deadline was for Nov. 15 and I sent in my proposal. It included a written proposal, budget, and mock up for the intended book. Here's what I did from October to November.

Guess who's back:
This is the mock up, and includes illustrations of the pages in photoshop,
layout for the printed layers, and fabric swatches.

This Little Skeleton might just seem like more of the same, but it is something that I feel needs the chance to be produced on a larger scale. I would also love the opportunity to incorporate old books and linens, since this is the direction my other work is heading. There are just so many materials already at our disposal...and we treat that literally. We waste so much. I don't want to make a huge statement. I don't think sustainability has the novel luxury of statement making, anymore. Our new evolution is inherently regarding a resource as its life span and resting place. The artistic process can be beautifully adapted to making old things new-process in place of processing and discarding. We give so little thought to where everything and everyone goes at its end- from wastefulness to our morbid interpretations of memorials as headlines-I don't want to get too universal. (I hear myself making everything the same, too often). But, at the least, everything and everyone deserves the same consideration and respect, including the future that we have no tangible rights to.

I hear back by February 1st.

Thursday, November 13, 2008