Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Mourning the Loss of a Treasure: Cowboy Dances

When mourning the loss of a treasure, I highly recommend making a new one.

this is an old record book found at the bins. If you are familiar with the bins, then you are lucky. It became a cd book, as a birthday gift.

Because our sorrow is useful energy. And rarely do we let ourselves benefit from its power.

the cds in the book are mixes, inspired by titles of old contra dances.

You may decide to give this thing away; you may not be able to love it in your current state.

called such things as 'dive for the oyster', 'cheat and swing', 'don't you touch her', 'rattlesnake twist', etc.

But that's okay. Because surely, someone else can. In his or her current state.

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