Saturday, September 19, 2009

Owl Mother, Daughter

To: Ellis Anders

This treasure is a song book I found in Arles, France.

And has become a place for my new niece to keep her treasure.


hayliebird said...

wait a minute! first of all, you have a niece!??? Errol has a sister? second of all, is that a pic of errol?? b/c he is the cutest thing i ever did see. who is the sister, what is her name!?? i am so happy for you and your family! her little treasure book is so special. what a good little auntie you are.
miss you.

hayliebird said...

Ellis!?? Ellis Anders?? SOOOOooo cute. Is that her name? You Hyatts are good with names.

.......... said...

Yes! Ellis was born three weeks ago. I just saw her, and she is beautiful. I gave her pictures of her brother that are so cute so that they will always be sweet to each other.

Jay said...

so wonderful

Allow me to say again, so wonderful.

No creature box post? We're still trying to track down the fly, E1 still wants the mouse pouch to be a slipper, and the spider had a time-out this morning after she bit my leg.

I feel like I totally missed your visit. Catching up a bit now, virtually.

.......... said...

I didn't take pictures of it, and then wished I had! I'm sorry you were sick. We missed each other.