Thursday, November 12, 2009

I am changing colors

I do not portray being; I portray passing...My history needs to be adapted to the moment...I may indeed contradict myself now and then; but truth, as Demades said, I do not contradict."
-Michel de Montaigne

fossils from fern like scrolls:
a beautifully marked high altitude crystal
mass of feathers scattered upon glass
delicate background

we are a beautiful example of two distinct types
one, graceful feathers with curling ends
the other, a design of frost from the land of pointed firs


the winter tabular hoar frost resembles
flesh becoming stairs, column, sky, and architecture

As I grieve the realization that you can live without me, my relief is a wave (in the most general scientific sense). We are fossils made from the sediment of past crimes, and this hardness preserved us. There is a place where the past is unremembered, but that place is less a space than a moment, where living organisms breathe disbelief.

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