Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Swamp Mallets

Acrylic medium transfer, of an ink jet print, on wood. A collection of useful, and novel small items. A gift for a friend. A trip to the hardware store, avoided.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Equal and Unequal (1939)

This is a piece by Josef Albers.
I find it interesting to look at, and
even more so because Anni Albers
found it so fascinating that she stared at it for hours.

We all need somewhere to stare for hours, peacefully, perhaps purposelessly. We all need someone whose art we respect enough to spend hours with it at a time.

I don't usually blog about the art of others. But when speaking of having respect for a person's art, I think it's important to set the bar high. Josef Albers' brilliance in technical rendering, color theory, teaching, and his artistic legacy make him a model with which to combat complacence. His relationship with a woman equally talented and driven serves as an enviable blueprint by which to map companionship. And these things are on my mind.