Thursday, September 15, 2011

Light and Shade: The Sun Shifted and We Are Staid

Dear Geography,
I traversed the places where I have no desire to spend any time
To find that the things I don't want are relics buried in our common ground
Yes, I am avoiding you.

This is a book on which I tried a new idea for binding. I kept the spine of the altered book in tact, along with its first and last pages. I treated the first and last pages as an accordion, and the valleys of the accordions as the spine of the "book blocks". The book blocks are just single pages or pages folded in half, then glued with Yasatomo Nori paste to the valleys of the accordion. The book is supposed to act as a collage/scrap book forum. The problem with the binding is that the accordion doesn't keep tension on the pages and they slide and don't stay in a tight order, the way coptic stitch naturally does. I don't think I will be using the binding method ever again, but I think the mood of the book is pleasant, nostalgic, and leaves room for addition in a positive way.


mr.nicey.pants said...

What you wrote about Geography

mr.nicey.pants said...
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courtney said...

nice book