Tuesday, January 24, 2012

An Alteration to Create a Safe Place to Store Altars:

This is a small project I took on, to alter a couple things I found, for the daughter of my friend. I was drawn to buy these two things, without a specific purpose for them in mind, and it turns out they complement each other well in the function of leaf collecting. Leaf collecting is the main interest of my friend's daughter. Although without saying too much, I want to add that she is also a keeper of collections, and from what I am told, keeps them in the form of altars. New minds creating their own classification systems inspires me.

The flower press is old school, and probably labor intensive. But I imagine it still takes the moisture from, and flattens drying plants as well as any two other heavy objects. The scrap book has wonderful manila pages, no lines, so the contents are yet to be defined.
I wanted to make something not too gimmicky, or particular, still sophisticated, and hopefully user friendly enough to be functional.

There is a place for a table of contents, and an index. And to keep the end use optional and free, I titled the book, but just as A Collection of Things.

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