Thursday, June 7, 2012

Using Every Part of the Animal

This is an old photo album I found at the Reninger Extravganza flea
market, and then gutted.

These are the guts from the album, used to frame a few
things around my room.

Rolls of paper for the new album book block

Book block cut and clamped, ready for binding

Binding materials: white corrugated linen thread, curved needle,
beeswax. Binding using coptic stitch

Book block binding complete

Book block ready to be glued into gutted cover, and completed

Completed album with end pages as the finishing touches

Here's A Charm

Made in the fashion of folk magic;
A passport for the tourism of celebration.
May your quest to enjoy every moment last...
From now on

The chain is made from hand crocheted, corrugated, gold linen thread.
The charm is made from an appropriated gem pin, embellished with three feather charms that came from the flea market held at the Florida fair grounds. The necklace is a birthday present.