Thursday, July 5, 2012

Safe Travels: A Ritual for Those Who Love

To Abby and Mark: A ritual celebrating the journey of love bonded in the ceremony of marriage.

Here is a ritual for your journey. Take it literally;
The time for reflection and the figurative is in the future.
1. Place the butterfly in folded hands of prayer until the wings
can be spread across the land you leave behind.
                    2. Make a wish in a body of water that's new to you both,
casting the tokens far or close (as long as they stay behind
with any remaining apprehensions)

                    3. In the final dark before your arrival,

            scatter glitter like ashes and light your candles, so 
each reflection of light on gold manifests a glimmer of
creativity in your future together
Final cover and spine, with new details, typewritten titled
Plans for Abby and Mark's ritual, the book, the spine

The new cover, step one; details for cover and spine,

Details for inside cover page: Safe Travels for Those Who Love:
                Abby & Mark

original and altered page one, with room for
notes from the ritual

original and altered page: May the next trip you take together
be the first in a series of memorable journeys
Safe travels to you both, and to the love between you two
a message to the traveling newleyweds

Title Page

Gluing the edges of the pages, after the first
pages, and title page, to prepare the book
block for dremeling compartments

Traces the ritual objects, dremel the shapes, create
a border with gesso, use a similar process to
embellish and unify the ritual objects page with
gold tissue paper

The Ritual