Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Practice Makes Perpetual Motion


     I made this journal for one of a very few people I know who keep track. Memory is difficult... 
    I began keeping a daily log of one liners, but it's only a slight hint.
    Anyway, this is a repurposed elementary school "practice book". The book block (above) is coptic bound, and glued to the covers by the end pages at the beginning and end of the block. The covers are joined by more of the repurposed purse leather. The leather is concealed between the back of the front cover and first end page, and comes around the back cover. The spine has a spot to index the book. 

"The instant of petrified violence that sometimes foreruns a summer storm saturated the hushed yard." -T. Capote
for a friend who understands the petrified violences in the yard before the storm, and the other kinds.