Thursday, November 6, 2014

Dear, please deal with the negative space I left

     It started with a ledger I found,
preserved in its original plastic, to
make a home planner/vision for a 
     Using text books and other cut-outs, 
I provided things native to his land, 
leaving space for adding and subtracting. 
     The subtracting part is important,
so rather than glue, I sliced the pages
with a utility knife (trying not to cut 
the next page), and placed the cutouts' 
corners in the slots (remove at will).
     My favorite feature uses three 
similar layouts to the house, implying 
a garden using velcro on certain 
spaces on the plots, and providing a 
library of plants of varying sizes and 
colors, with velcro on their backs, in 
the envelope.