Friday, May 1, 2015


a particular philosophy or view of life of an individual or group

Week one was on color, referencing Josef Albers's Interaction of Color and his theory that "colors are governed by an internal and deceptive logic". 
I provided the class with some basics on the color spectrum, theory, and subtractive mixing. Some of it held, and some of it went out the window, appropriately enough.
We used kool-aid to dye wool roving and made some amazing colors. Like a nervous dummy, I forgot to take pictures, but am hoping to get some when the class is back in session.
I wanted to start with the word weltanschauung which, in terms of Josef Albers and color theory, means a common vision. In terms of the class, it's a unifying theme, propelling the trajectory towards the final technique instilling a totemic thesis.
This was my first time teaching and I'm not a super linear person. I don't know if starting with color, and a group philosophy was an appropriate jump-off, but it felt right, and we didn't dwell on it. I hoped to create an ambience, and something to reflect upon before class two. 
The entire class was spent using the different flavors to make straight colors, mixed colors, and over dyed lengths of roving. (I bet you're really wishing to see these will happen soon). 
There's a lot more to be explored in the arena of Kraft Services Kool Aid product as a dye method, but I was emphasizing the experimental aspect, the internal deceptive order of color, and for time's sake.
My instructions come from experimenting, and following other internet people's instructions, but if you have any questions feel free to  direct them my way:
In the mean time, shauen and I will type out my instructions and reference links, below. 

Dyeing Wool Roving With Kool-Aid:
supplies: 1/3oz wool: 1 packet of sugar free kool aid, heat source, heat safe container, water, soap (synthrapol, or any other non-abrasive and unperfumed detergent)
directions: 1. empty packet of kool aid into heat safe container and add just enough water to dissolve the packet
2. add wool, add enough water to cover wool, and mix the two with a gloved hand so color spreads evenly (as possible)
3. heat container to boil (it doesn't hurt to leave it over, but keep an eye on it. it's non toxic, but you probably won't like the smell of burning wool). 
4. turn heat off, cover the heat safe container
5. let cool for 30 minutes *if the water isn't clearish, you may want to repeat the process from heating for the wool to soak it all in and allow to cool, again
6. rinse roving, starting with a warmer and similarly temperatured water, and working to cooler. add synthrapol and carefully wash it out, attempting to refrain from felting as much as possible (unless that's the desired effect)
7. hang to dry (or set on plastic bag)

To the right are samples of my initial experimenting and the colors I arrived at from the flavors I could obtain.